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The Company

The Gascogne group was born in 1925 on the initiative of a group of foresters from the Landes.  Today, our aim is to recycle and re-use maritime pine at all the stages of its transformation.  

Our activities focus on the vertical integration of the whole wood sector.

Gascogne Bois is the leading supplier of wood for pallets and packaging, with more than 170,000 m3 produced. It has one of the highest sawing capacities in France with more than 550,000 tons of logs used by the sites in Escource (40) Castets (40) et St Symphorien (33).

Its factories use state-of-the-art technologies for throughput, trimming, sorting and quality optimisation.

Its range, unique in its diversity, is a perfect illustration of its expertise and ability to innovate, establishing itself on French and European markets. With specific ranges designed for wood panelling, parquet flooring and decking, Gascogne Bois has emerged as a multi-specialist and stands out by its technical and aesthetic benefits: broad ranges of colours, numerous surface appearances, various dimensions and multiple finishes.

Gascogne Bois is a specialist in wooden interior and exterior decoration.

Key Figures


Gascogne is founded



61,4 Million

in turnover

460000 Tons

of logs used by our sites


French, High-quality, Aesthetic

Our sites in France

The history of Gascogne Bois


Creation of Gascogne

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Gascogne: the beginnings of an integrated industry


A forerunner in forest certification, Gascogne Bois is PEFC™ certified


With the raw material of wood at the centre, the Gascogne group diversifies and develops its activities



Creation of Pin de Gascogne label

Label Pin de Gascogne


Gascogne Bois

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